Image Credit: Apple Forums/DPigar

What is Going on with the iPhone 13 Pro?

In an Apple discussion forum, there have been multiple reports of iPhone 13 Pros’ screens randomly going to a bright pink colored screen and crashing. While some users were able to receive a new iPhone 13 Pro, others weren’t as lucky as Apple is noting this as only a software bug. Other iPhone models do not seem to be affected by this bug, leading many to believe the bug is only contained to the 13 Pro Series due to recent iOS 15 software updates.

The blog, My Drivers, discovered Apple released a statement on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging website, on the 21st of this month. While there was no other official statement made, it has caused readers to be suspicious due to most of these pink screen reports originating from China. In the statement the tech giant noted:

“We didn’t notice relevant problems in the hardware of the devices because this situation is caused when the system is locked.”

Apple is advising users to back up their data and upgrade to the newest version of iOS, which could indicate there is a resolution for this bug in the arrival of iOS 15.3. However, until Apple users are able to upgrade to an updated iOS version, it is advised you contact Apple Support.

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